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As people look for fulfillment in their work and lives, many are turning to second vocations to realize their passions. Doctors and scientists are plunging into e-health and biotech start-ups. Disaffected dot-comers are looking to reboot themselves in less harried environs. Ambitious attorneys, intent on becoming the next John Grisham or Scott Turow, are sending manuscripts to agents and publishers. Sometimes these "hobbies" turn into parallel or second careers.

DOUBLE LIVES: Crafting Your Life
of Work & Passion for Untold Success

(Davies-Black Publishing, September 2002, $24.95 cloth) is the first comprehensive study of double lives and challenges the time-honored advocacy of total commitment to a single profession. Heenan makes his case by telling the stories of ten outstanding individuals, from Sony Chairman Norio Ohga (an orchestra conductor), to astronaut Sally Ride (previous president of website, to World Bank president Sir James Wolfensohn (former member of the Australian fencing team), to best-selling author Tess Gerritsen (former doctor who writes medical thrillers) and others.

During the interviews, Heenan identified twenty key themes to a successful second life. These 20 Keys, explored in the profiles, are elaborated in the final chapter and include: Listen to Your Heart, Define Success In Your Own Terms, Deliver Daily, Never Stop Learning, Build a Brain Trust and Start Now. Heenan writes, "Don't let procrastination, excuses, or regrets steal your dreams." To order a copy of the book, click here.

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